Filament Runout Sensor 1.75mm

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This filament run out sensor unit is designed to detect when your printer has run out of filament.

During printing if the unit detects that there is no filament it will send a signal to the main board.

With correct firmware settings the printer will be paused until the operator reloads the filament and resumes the print.

It works with all available materials; flexible,clear,opaque,filled,etc.

The unit can be daisy chained to handle as many filaments simultaneously as needed.

Works with almost any printer.

Durable injection moulded casing and industrial grade components.

Supply Voltage                      3.3-5V

Operating Temperature         below 80℃

Filament Diameter                1.75MM(1-2MM)

Filament Presence                 LOW

Filament Absent                    HIGH(equal to Supply Voltage)

Install the unit after the spool and before your extruder.

Fixing it on your printer and along the path of filament is recommend.

  • Pay attention to the direction indicated by the arrow on the body.

Insert the 4mm PTFE tube in both sides of the unit to guide the filament and reduce friction.

Cable colour:

Red                   3-5V

Yellow/Blue       Signal

Black                 GND


Servo pins always have the right pins: 5V,Ground and Signal.

Most endstop pins will have the same 3 pins and sometimes only Signal and Ground. If you only have these two, there should be a 5V somewhere else on your main board.

In theory you can choose any input pins on your main board for signal.