G11 Build Plate for Bambulab X1C, P1S, and P1P

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Please note, these early batches are still having the kinks worked out. There may be some minor surface blemishes and scratches as we work out our process and suppliers.

Our build plate upgrades use the highest quality European G11 print surface, meticulously designed to meet our print farm demands for PET-G, ABS, ASA and High Temp Nylons.

Now you can have one too!

Why G11 versus PEI?: The typical solution for a smooth build plate print surface is PEI film. The problem is TPU and PET-G can easily adhere permanently and destroy the build plate. G11 does not suffer from this problem.

Exceptional Strength: Our high-quality Isoval G11 boasts an impressive 180°C temperature rating, surpassing the limitations of typical G10 surfaces rated at only 140°C. This can make the difference between a perfect and a damaged build plate when printing high temperature Nylons and Polycarbonate. Nozzle probing of the bed causes no damage to the surface. 3M 486MP 200MPA High temp adhesive is used to bond the G11 to the spring steel. 

Lidar Compatibility: The BambuLabs G11 Build Plate is seamlessly compatible with the Bambu Labs Lidar, ensuring a hassle-free integration into your setup.

Optimal Thickness: The 0.8mm G11 thickness strikes the ideal balance between rigidity and heat transfer. 0.8mm G11 resists warping but still allows the plate to be flexed slightly while maintaining effective heat transfer. 0.5mm is too thin to resist warping. Over 2mm requires bed temperature offsets.

Unparalleled Adhesion: G11 ensures strong adhesion forces when hot and releases the part when cool. PLA, ABS, ASA, PET-G, TPU and most Nylons do not require glue. Some Nylons and Polycarbonates benefit from adhesion promoters. 

Bullet proof your printing setup with a G11 plate today.