Recreus PETG 1.75mm

Weight: 750g
Colour: Metallic Green
Copper Gum
Metallic Green

Recreus PETG is a rigid filament that has mechanical properties comparable to ABS, as well as being durable, resistant and temperature resistant. It’s also as easy to print as PLA.

Its adhesion properties between layers, non-emission of odours and high resistance to chemical agents (solvents, acetone, etc.) make it the ideal material for printing technical and industrial parts. You’ll achieve parts with a gloss finish and no cracking or warping issues.

Recreus PETG is ideal for printing parts that require some flexibility and pressure, as well as good shock resistance (even at low temperatures). Perfect for mechanical and industrial applications, such as: 

– Food wrappers or containers.

– Industrial parts for the mechanical or automotive industries and electronic parts such as caps or covers.

– Functional end products such as supports and latches or prototypes of containers, packaging and bottles.

– Decorative elements: lamps, figurines, etc.


Print temperature: 230-260 °C.
Print speed: 15-100 mm/s.
Diameter tolerance: 0.03 mm.
Retraction speed: 25-100 mm/s at a distance of 3.5-6.5 mm/s (optimal 4.5 mm).
Travel speed: 120-180 mm/s.
Layer height: 0.08-0.3 (for 0.4 mm nozzles). Optimal results 0.15 mm